Business For Sale?

Wondering what your business is worth or what to pay when buying an existing business or franchise? Use LaunchScore to estimate the net present value and earnings potential of over 800 business types in 750 U.S. cities.

Expanding your Business?

Trying to decide where to locate your next business? Use LaunchScore to find out the best U.S. cities for your business type. Just search for your business type, leave the city search field blank (or choose a city and radius), and we’ll rank the cities for you.

Starting a Business?

Want to start a business but not sure which type of business is needed in your city? Use LaunchScore to find out the best small business opportunities in your city. Just leave the business type blank and search for your city.

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Market research, simplified.

Combining data on competition, market and local factors, we calculate the earnings potential and valuation (i.e., net present value) for nearly 1,000,000 business opportunities. Use LaunchScore to help you decide what type of business to launch, how much to pay for a business for sale, where to launch your business, or where to expand your business.

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Top Small Business Ideas in the U.S.

Business decisions, made easy

Detailed data analysis provided to you in easy to understand market research reports, which you can use to make business decisions.