Market Research Report

Abrasive Blast Cleaning Service opportunities in Milwaukee, WI
$4,226 Potential Yearly Earnings What's this number?
-$14,559 Net Present Value What's this number?

  Financial Projections

Based on the parameters below, we project this business would break even in 15.7 years with a net present value of -$14,559.

Net Cash Flow over 5 years

Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Net Revenues $21,128 $31,692 $42,255 $43,839 $45,481
Net Costs $19,015 $28,522 $38,030 $39,455 $40,933
Net Operating Profits $2,113 $3,169 $4,226 $4,384 $4,548
      Startup Cost -$33,122
      Terminal Value $13,644
Net Cash Flow -$33,122 $2,113 $3,169 $4,226 $4,384 $18,193

Startup costs are estimated as the larger of PYE and median income multiplied by the cost of living in the city. The positive cash flows in years 1 to 5 are estimated from the PYE. The first year is discounted by 50%, the second year is discounted by 75%, the fourth through tenth years are inflated according to a growth rate estimated from the GDP growth rate of the state. The profit margin is defaulted 10%. In year 5 a “terminal value” equal to the year 5 net operating income times three is added. The hurdle rate is defaulted to 15%. All values are net of taxes.

Financial Parameters

Change these parameters to customize your financial model

  Statistical Analysis
How is this opportunity calculated?

The following ten market factors are the most important determinants used to calculate the need for businesses of this type in Milwaukee.

  1. median income
  2. gross rent
  3. population density
  4. July temperature
  5. land area
  6. household size
  7. black
  8. November temperature
  9. May temperature
  10. family households


Abrasive blast cleaning businesses can provide a range of services, from surface contaminant removal and cleaning, to the preparation and finishing of many different types of surfaces.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Regional Competitor
1725 S 108th St Milwaukee, WI 53214

Midwest Grinding Co Regional Competitor
7725 W Tower Ave Milwaukee, WI 53223

The Abrasive Group Local Competitor
11037 W Derby Ave Milwaukee, WI 53225

Garnet Abrasives & Water Filtration Inc Local Competitor
1719 W Saint Paul Ave Milwaukee, WI 53233

Tool Service Corporation Local Competitor
2942 N 117th St Milwaukee, WI 53222

TIP: Your market is dominated by independant companies. Consider entering with a national or regional franchise.

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  About Milwaukee and its Consumers

Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin and seat of Milwaukee County, is located in the southeast part of the state on Lake Michigan. The origins of the word “Milwaukee” are disputed; it may come from the Potawatomi “Mahn-ah-wauk,” meaning council grounds of the Potawatomi; “Mah-an-wauk-seepe,” meaning gathering place of rivers; or the Algonquian “Milo-aki,” meaning beautiful land. Milwaukee is one of the great industrial centers in the country and one of the largest Great Lakes ports. Manufacturing remains strong, and Milwaukee manufacturers are national leaders in lithographic commercial printing and the production of medical diagnostic instruments, small gasoline engines, malt beverages, iron and steel forgings, mining machinery, and robotics. Milwaukee's high-tech manufacturing community is one of the largest among the nation's major metropolitan areas. Though Milwaukee was once known as a “beer town,” only a small percentage of its workforce is now involved in beer production. However, beer still plays an important role, and almost 11% of the nation's malt beverage is produced there.

Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin and seat of Milwaukee County, is located in the southeast part of the state on Lake Michigan. The origins of the word “Milwaukee” are disputed; it may come from the Potawatomi “Mahn-ah-wauk,” meaning council grounds of the Potawatomi; “Mah-an-wauk-seepe,” meaning gathering place of rivers; or the Algonquian “Milo-aki,” meaning beautiful land. Milwaukee...

description source
  • Population
    Population (2012) 598,916
    Population Density 6,230 ppl/sq mi
    Population Growth Rate 0.7%
    Median Income $33,122
    Median Age 30.5
    Unemployment 10.6%
    Family Household Percent 56.6%
    Avg. Household Size 2.5
    Avg. House Price $131,300
    Foreign Born 10.0%
    Married 49.3%
    Cost of Living 52.4%
  • Average Temperature
    January 21.7°F -5.7°C
    February 25.1°F -3.8°C
    March 34.6°F 1.4°C
    April 45.0°F 7.2°C
    May 54.7°F 12.6°C
    June 65.7°F 18.7°C
    July 71.6°F 22.0°C
    August 70.9°F 21.6°C
    September 63.3°F 17.4°C
    October 51.2°F 10.7°C
    November 39.3°F 4.1°C
    December 26.3°F -3.2°C
  • Demographics
    White 37.0%
    Hispanic / Latino 17.5%
    Black / African American 38.7%
    Asian 3.4%
    Native American 0.5%

  Market & Regulatory Conditions For Wisconsin

Third parties rate Wisconsin's business and regulatory conditions according to their own methods. We report them here for informational purposes.

  • Small-Business Friendliness
    Overall small business friendliness C+
    Ease of starting a small business C+
    Cost of hiring a new employee C
    Overall regulatory friendliness C-
    Friendliness of health and safety regulations D
    Friendliness of employment, labor, and hiring regulations C-
    Friendliness of tax code C
    Friendliness of licensing regulations B-
    Friendliness of environmental regulations C
    Friendliness of zoning regulations D+
    Publicity of training programs C
    Publicity of networking programs D+
    Current economic health of small business 14th/50
    Change in revenue over past 12 months 22th/50
    Forecast of small business's future economic health 41th/50
    Source: (2012)
  • Business Friendliness
    Overall Business Friendliness 17th/50
    Cost of Doing Business 26th/50
    Economy 22th/50
    Infrastructure 10th/50
    Workforce 40th/50
    Quality of life 24th/50
    Technology and innovation 20th/50
    Business friendliness 25th/50
    Education 10th/50
    Cost of living 23th/50
    Access to capital 37th/50
    Source: CNBC (2014)
  • Tax Friendliness
    Wisconsin Corporate Tax Rate 5.0%
    Avg Local Corporate Tax Rate in Wisconsin 0.4%
    Avg Combined Corporate Tax Rate 5.4%
    Overall tax friendliness 43th/50
    Corporate tax rank 33th/50
    Individual income tax rank 43th/50
    Sales tax rank 14th/50
    Unemployment insurance tax rank 27th/50
    Property tax rank 31th/50
    Source: Tax Foundation (2015)

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